The Ababies are now Engaged

January 19-24, 2016 was our trip to Thailand.

On our way back to the Philippines, while on our connecting flight from Singapore to Manila. AbabyCaren was busy taking pictures of our boarding pass with the newly bought customized passport holders and Thailand elephant designed scarf. Seats Numbered 23A and 23B are also significant because our monthsary is on every 23th of the month, and A & B stands for Ababy.

In the middle of picture taking, AbabyKenny said a little intro to his Life-changing question.

"May idadagdag ako d'yan (sa mga pinipicturan)". He opened the small but pretty box with much more prettier content, a diamond ring!, saying, "Ababy, will you marry me?". Next thing, AbabyCaren were saying "YES!" so easily.


When your Boyfriend wants your nails to be pretty, and is telling you to have a manicure.

It's a hint! HAHA! Ababycaren did not listen. Kaya ganyan yung picture hahahha! hand closed na lang :p


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