Bloomiere: Bouquet and boutonniere

Photos by: Proudrad

Really wanted light blue roses and lemons for my bridal bouquet, I even edited a photo peg ayon sa gusto kasi wala ako makita sa Pinterest ng bouquet na may Lemons and blue flowers haha! Second, I want a bouquet that will last! pero hindi mukhang fake. Luckily, I found Bloomiere Preserved Flowers here. Real flowers that are preserved)

Here are my pegs:

The owner is nice and accomodating, she even gave me a gift (a book) nung pinick-up namin yung flowers and Boutonniere.

The actual bouquet and Boutonniere are very niiiice 😍💐 Lemons are fake pero hindi halata! She told me na she ordered it internationally kasi wala siyang makita dito na mukhang real Lemons.

Pick up day Pics:

I've attached pics of my 5 months old bouquet too, to show na parang wala pa ring nagbago sa itsura niya. I'm glad pinush ko ito kahit kasing presyo na siya ng flowers at Boutonniere ng whole entourage and godparents 😂😂. Everytime nakikita ko 'to (Ginawa ko kasing pang display), it never failed to remind me of our wedding.

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