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Sposi Novelli
Sposi Novelli

February 24, 2019, our marriage was blessed by Pope Francis himself. Next to our actual wedding, this is definitely our 2nd favorite, the finale of our wedding celebration.

It was month of January when we began taking steps to make it happen. Our first step was to do research, read articles online regarding "Sposi Novelli" as well as the tips given by those who experienced it.

Second step: sending a letter of request (hindi pwedeng email lang mga mamsh). From Manila to Vatican, Inabot ng Php 2,733 ang pagpapadala. I stated sa letter na newlyweds kami and we want our marriage to be blessed by our loving Pope.

Month of January ito, then February nung nareceive namin yung reply nila through email

Third step: Applying for Schengen visa. Sa Switzerland kami nag apply ng Visa kasi medyo mahirap daw mag apply sa Italy, and gusto din talaga namin pumunta sa Switzerland <3

Fourth Step: Go to Vatican, claim the actual tickets. We claimed it a day before the General Audience sa Bronze door as instructed sa reply letter sa amin. :)

Fifth and Final Step: Go to General Audience, bring your tickets and marriage certificate and be ready to be blessed by Pope! You can wear a simple white attire for the women or your wedding dress <3 We opted to wear our bridal wear and Groomswear para feeling Bagong Kasal ulit! Hahahah! Almost lahat naman ng newlyweds ay naka wedding attire.

It would be a brief moment, wag magexpect ng chikahan with Pope ha. Ang nasabi ko lang sa kanya ay "Filipino people loves you Pope!" in Italian haha thanks Google Translate tapos sumagot naman siya ng "Ohhhhh Filipino" then he started praying.

We found ourselves doing the most filipino thing to do, magmano. We also managed to buy zuchetto around Vatican and exchanged it for Pope's Zuchetto!! Yassss! Kaya sa picture di matanggal yung ngiti ko. Nasa amin ngayon yung zuchetto (Pope's hat) na nasuot niya. Nagpabless din kami ng rosaries. Kami yata yung pinakamadaming rosaries na dala para ipabless haha sa almost 40 couples.

Truly an unforgettable post-wedding experience.

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